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Cienne Software was born in Trapani (Sicily), as Software House, on 1981.
What distinguishes is that it has introduced software at cheap prices but at the same time practical and reliable and this is proved by quite number of Agencies, Professionals, Companies that have used them for long time.
Their firsts software: Static and Cometer - forerunner of Estimate - have been developed on the "P6060" Olivetti.
It was a success, in the province of Trapani, in those times when programmers were real pioneers: were missing almost entirely technical information, and those few that trickled were covered by strict secrecy.
After a while it would come out the first PC IBM and MS-DOS operating system version 1.0
In those years, new procedures are implemented.
Cometer is greatly expanded and changed its name to Shipyards, a name that will remain active until 2000 when Estimate will be replacing the Windows environment.
We are not afraid of being proven wrong by saying that, even in the 2011 some customers continue to use the software Shipyards in MSDOS, fully functional and reliable.
Windows and Internet have totally upset the processes of software implementation and Cienne Software, sensitive to the appearance of new technologies, once again had re-encode, edit, update, expand procedures.
The market, on the other hand, has had a significant impact: the user requirements have increased considerably in terms of quality and prices, due to increased supply plummeted.
We have to thank, however, new technologies: internet, Telecare. Thanks to them we can reach our customers in a very short time and provide maximum assistance at very low costs.

For more information:
Cienne Software
Via Dei Compositori 5
91100 Trapani (TP) - Italy


A long and established presence in the market added to integrity, professionalism, accuracy, reliability, timeliness and problem-solving interventions have never been denied all these years, have allowed us to significantly increase the number and quality of our customers.

Since we consider inviolable privacy of our customers, here we will only mention the type:

1) Public/Private (Regions, Provinces, Municipalities, Urega, Offices, Museums, IACP, Hospitals, Consortia);
2) Banks and Credit Institutions;
3) Associations NGO, Public and Private Schools, Proloco, Agricultural Co-operatives;
4) Electric Companies;
5) Professional Associations;
6) Professionals (engineers, architects, notaries, lawyers, doctors, agronomists, surveyors)
7) Construction Companies, Maritime, Softwood;
8) Artisans (Plumbers, Electricians, Panel beater, Carpenters, Bricklayers);
9) Dealers (Computers and Office Equipment, Molino, Elettroforniture, Auto Parts, Hardware);
10) Hauliers;
11) Real Estate Agencies;
12) Directors of condominium;
13) Auto Dealers and Motorcycle;
14) Hotels and Restaurants;
15) Retired